As a country, India is much famous for its variety of areas and tourist destinations. There are cities also which are famous for the modern developments and infrastructure, but only a few knows that some of such cities also possess ahuge variety of tourist destinations. One of such cities of India is the IT hub Bangalore which is also popularly known as Bangaluru these days.  This city is doubtlessly known for its educational institutes, infrastructural developments, and companies but in the field of tourist destinations also it is not left behind as there are many amazing tourist spots here. The city offers avariety of spots that include parks, palaces, and museums. A few of such spots are listed here.

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

The planetarium has a science park and center. It is well known for its sky theater.  It utilizes many visuals like computer animations, cartoon effects, and video clippings. It has an aggregate of 200 seats, and one can also enjoy the astronomical events like solar eclipse and passing of comets. The planetarium also has a versatile telescope in the zone of theplanetarium. There are also live shows when astronomical events happen, and it is furnished with exceptional video projectors.

  • Bannerghatta National Park

When visiting Bangalore, few may be confused as of where to visit and what are the most renowned places. In Bangalore, nature is the highlight, and one must surely enjoy the natural beauty. Bannerghatta national park is a place which will make the trip amazing. It is filled with rich fauna and has the best butterfly park. It is the best place for sightseeing and one can enjoy Safari here through the recreation center.

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  • Brigade road

If one is visiting Bangalore, it is no doubt that you should visit this rocking place “Brigade road.” It is the most happening place in the city as it has everything from pubs to all latest shops. From restaurants till shopping complex one can find everything. Roadside shops are a treat for shopping freaks. Youths will love this place and Bangalore people even visit this place every weekend for their relaxation. There isa huge number of eateries and bars which are famous till today. It will be worth exploring the place when one visits Bangalore.

  • Iskcon temple

Though this is a religious place, it is also known as a social complex by pleasing committed divinities of Krishna, Balarama, and Govinda. The temple is known for its ardent activities and food stalls. The building is large, and it is functioning sequentially. Devotees from various places visit this place and later it was built in various places of India.

  • Mysore

Mysore is 143 km from Bangalore. Though there are many places in Mysore, the rich palace is one of the must-visit places in Bangalore. It has a rich cultural heritage, and some of the compulsory visit places are Brindavan gardens. The garden has several fountains, and the colorful musical fountains are a real treat to eyes. Palaces, gardens, galleries, and churches are what Mysore is famous for. It is beyond excellence during the Dussehra festival.