Thanks to the technology, one can carry their band everywhere. Backpacks with the speakers provide the highly convenient, practical and functional ways of listening to music wherever you go. Suppose you like to spend time outdoors, then backpacks with speakers can add the new dimension of entertainment and fun to this experience. Please ensure you’re mindful of others when listening to loud music. One such   amazing backpack is Que Backpack

Que offers the outdoor activity enthusiasts their new Jambag Backpack with the promise it is the product made for an active lifestyle. So, looking at the product’s design, ergonomics, and features, Jambag Backpack by Que has done the phenomenal job in delivering on this promise.

Jambag Backpack by Que

Primary Benefits and Features

Here is why purchasing Jambag makes a little sense:

  • Power Monitor: One can monitor charge remaining in a power station by using 5 LED lights. It is the intuitive and straight forwardway of representing the battery level.
  • Portable Battery Power: You may rely on its built-in 4000 mAh battery station to save the devices in dying out during the crucial moments. The power station has got dual USB ports. Thus, you may charge two devices simultaneously. For charging your power bank, you may use USB to USB cord that comes with this product. To recharge your battery, you plug this in a USB source; example, computer or outlet if you have the wall charger.
  • Bluetooth 4.1: The previous version of the Bluetooth interfered with 4G frequency. Version 4.1 will eliminate such interference. Besides that, the new version provides higher data speed transfer and uses the power very efficiently and giving good quality of sound and connectivity.
  • Handy Multimedia Controller: The pouch on the bottom of this bag’s front section has the multimedia controller. Making use of the controller, you may change tracks, accept or disconnect calls, control volume, pause and play music or issue commands to the phone through Google Assistant or SIRI. It is the neat feature, which makes it simple to interact with speakers as well as saves you time.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: Jambag’s 10 watts of amplified stereo speakers will deliver a punch. Speakers’ clarity andloudness will just surprise you. You may connect the device to its speakers through Bluetooth 4.1, as well as listen to all your songs for over eight hours.
  • Durable Fabric: Jambag Backpack by Que has weather tested this fabric that is used for making Jambag. This fabric is resistant in water, low temperatures, and high Thus, everything in the bag can stay safe until you find shelter from all unexpected weather events.