Reliance group led by Mr. Ambani introduced a set of new services in 2016 that is Jio services via the introduction of Jiosims. These sims were distributed free of cost and the users also had an easy access to download the application. No extra documents were required to get it other than the Aadhar card. The service has proved to be the best of all in giving all kinds of advantages to its users. Jio users have faced no difficulty regarding the data connection speed and such other related issues. The introduction of Myjio app download has above all given the things a new turn.

The jio users have gained access to the digital world along with the introduction of this Myjio App download. They have got the access to view the account anytime. Make detailed changes or know about the latest and recent updates, connect with family and friends anytime and anywhere with the fastest possible speed. Following features have been provided under this scheme:

  • Jio Switch: It serves as the fastest means of transferring data between smartphones. It is also useful in support transferring between iOS and android without any restriction on the size of data. Thus users can now transfer and transmit the data without any difficulty at a faster speed.
  • Jio Net: Now, it has become possible to connect with the nearest jio hotspot via the Jio Net service. You will automatically get the highest speed wi-fi connection
  • Net Velocity: Now users can know their jio net speed with this variant feature. The real time net speed will be known to them.
  • Jio TV: this feature allows the users to watch TV shows. More than 400 shows have been uploaded which the users can view anytime. Gaining access to TV has also been made convenient with the use of Jio TV.
  • Jio Cloud: This is another very popular feature of the jio app which allows you to take a backup of all the photos, videos and documents in your gallery. By this, a user can save his / her documents in case they get misplaced or deleted