Good impressions in first meeting is very important to have an everlasting relationships and influence over someone. People would tell you not to judge in the first sight or first meeting but all of us judge during our first meeting with someone. This ideas can be changed over time after getting to know them. But this kind of first impression is important when it is a potential partner in life or business.

How to impress someone who is potential client?

You should be punctual, it would be better if you are present earlier than decided on. You should not be one hour earlier that would make you look like a desperate person who needs this deal badly. Make sure to be the before 15 minutes. This will make them believe you are interested but not desperate. You are the ideal person for the job.

You should be organised. You should know where to talk or where not to talk. You business proposal should have a concise introduction and conclusion. You should be able to lead the group in a well structured manner. If you are going to jump here and there during your business proposal, it is obvious that people will understand that you are not an organised person. You need someone to help you to be focused.

You should give thosepamphlets and a file with necessary documents and a brief outline of your proposal. This will make you look professional. You should make sure to use laser printersrather than other ink jet printers.

ink jet printers

Laser printers will give your work a better look. Moreover they are user friendly and worth the money.If you are not sure about something make sure not to make it obvious that you were not prepared for it. You should answer it but just in the name of answering you should not blabber something totally unrelated.

You should radiate of confidence and power. But make sure that you do not come out as arrogant or ambitious. It is true that it depends on the person who is being the judge of your character. But you can try to exhibit necessary qualities.

The way you dress matters a lot! If your shirts are hanging out loosely or if you are not wearing a tie or belt or forgot to wear your socks, it will create a different opinion of you. You should be perfectly dressed in other words; you should be stressed to impress. You should not give them a look that you are some where near lazy. You should look like you are perfectly capable of doing the job.