This is a question many of you would have asked at least once in your life if you ever came across the words ‘Pet Hotel’. Even I asked the same thing when I saw these two words. After all it sounds like something silly someone suggested at a bar after one too many shots of vodka. So what are Pet hotels?

They are- as their name suggests- hotels for your pets. A pet hotel Dubai is a place where you can keep your pet when you travel out of the city. They tend to have many amenities for your pets and try to give your precious darlings, the most comfortable stay they would ever have. From things like pet parks to in some cases large luxurious suites, they can all be found in pet hotels (albeit the latter may not be available at every pet hotel).

However contrary to popular belief, not all pet hotels are luxurious hotels that provide your beloved pooch with spa treatment, four poster beds and private swimming pools. Most of them are simple places that generally allow pets to be boarded for a few days or provide day care services. They generally have kennels and cattery, pet parks, staff who play and take care of your pet and veterinary clinics in the hotel to take care of your pet.


Most pet hotels are not meant to put you back a couple of thousand of dollars. They are simply made to provide care for your pet when you are unable to do so. Furthermore you do not have to worry about them being rip-offs, most of them are licensed thus if you have any doubt, you can check if the pet hotel you want to choose for your pet has a license. In case they do, then you can be at peace.

In addition to having facilities that take care of your pet very well, pet hotels also provide an additional benefit. In case you want to travel out of the city with your pet but the hotel you choose does not allow pets inside, you can choose to board your pet for the night at a pet hotel. Many mainstream hotels do not allow pets to stay inside them therefore instead of throwing your plans for a vacation for you and your pet away, with the help of a pet hotel you can have the vacation you deserve.

So it turns out pet hotels are not silly things after all. They have many benefits and are useful to every pet owner in the whole world.