You might be thinking about cleaning ducts in your home. You will require certain tools to get the job done quickly. You will need to use a furnace filter, a good quality vacuum and a screw driver for the job. You might even need several paper towels to clean the space. Here are some tips on cleaning ducts for you to consider:


You must try to shield the register area. Try to remove any dust which can be dislodged and which can drift into other spots or rooms. You must try to lift the area and then use a towel to replace the top or cover it. Make sure that you do the duct cleaning as gently as possible so that you do not damage any surrounding areas.


You must switch the fan on while you are cleaning this will help to loosen any debris or dust in the space or area. This will also help you to remove the dirt easily. Make that you do set it on the correct setting or mode. You can either put it on hot or cool. If you do not have the best fan option you can even use it to turn on the heating switch. Make sure that you do install the best thermostat for the task.

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You must try to fix the filter first. Do not forget to switch the old one for a new one if you do notice any changes in the color of it. Do not forget to check the area to make sure that the dust doesn’t end up getting embedded inside the motor of the fan. Ask someone to check on the fan while you do the duct cleaning. If nothing is coming out then you can even use a brush to tap the duct to loosen it for you.


You must now sweep the register as slowly as you can. You can even switch on the vacuum when you are hosing the register. You can even try to lift the register carefully. You must try to use a gentle hose that will push the dirt out of the fan. Make sure that it does not go inside the piping of the area. You must use the brush to remove the buildup. Remember that you must think about the cleaning Dubai process as carefully as you can. Ask for some help if you can’t do it on your own. This way you will be able to get the task completed quickly.