Shelter has always been considered one of the main basic needs of a human being, alongside food and water. Shelter from the elements was especially necessary for the ancient man, who at first did not wear clothing to protect from heat or cold, and rain and snow meant exposure to these elements. Therefore, early man found caves and similar shelters to reside in, and chose to continue to make their home in these dwellings. This provided warmth in the cold months, and shelter from the sweltering heat in the hotter months. As their skills and minds developed, man learnt to make his own shelters, whether it was carving out his now cave from the side of a mountain or hill, or tying animal skins together to make an early type of tent.

Modern day homes and construction itself, can be traced back to this need expressed by the first humans to provide themselves with shelter. The main difference, however, is that modern-day construction provides far more benefits and represents many more elements and uses than that of mere shelter. Read this article to gain knowledge about the cleaning service at affordable prices.

Buildings have been erected for centuries and the strongest of those that survived the test of time can still be viewed today; some as preserved monuments, others as fully-functional buildings.

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Early types of construction, besides building homes, focused mainly on building temples and monuments to gods. Homes were built with clay, while temples to the gods were built with black stone or limestone, and took decades to complete. Examples of this can be seen through the ancient Mayan temples in South America, as well as ancient Incan villages such as Machu Picchu in Peru. This provided evidence to suggest that the pleasing of gods was seen as more important than one’s own comfort, and as such, individual homes were crudely constructed, while ancient temples showcased impressive skill and technique.

The pyramids of Giza in Egypt are also a representation of early construction. Limestone was mainly used for the construction of the pyramids, and the pharaohs were seen as the descendants of gods, for whom the pyramids were built so they ascend to heaven upon death. Such tremendous construction took many decades and thousands of slaves to complete, alongside the grand palaces to house the royal family and statues and monuments depicting the pharaoh. Many temples too, were constructed, for the pharaohs and members of the clergy to worship there gods.

Modern-day construction represents behemoth buildings of steel and concrete, and provide space for everything from homes to office buildings to public monuments. Construction cleaning Dubai and maintenance is also a necessary industry that has grown as a result of these buildings. It is a continuous process, as modern-day buildings are so large, that year-round cleaning is necessary.

Modern construction also borrows from the designs and ideas of ancient constructions. For instance, the Washington Monument in the USA is a construction created around the ancient Egyptian concept of an obelisk, and is essentially an ancient design.