Semiconductors are used in various industries. The product comprises silicon, which is a semiconductor of electricity. These small and complex devices are used in electric and electronic equipments such as computers, televisions, appliances, medical equipment and so on. The equipment used in manufacturing these semiconductors is known as semiconductor equipment. Semiconductor equipment market is divided into four major categories namely; wafer processing equipment, front end equipment, test equipment and assembly packaging equipment.  The dealers in semiconductor equipment Billerica sell various products like seals, filters, valves, sensors and other products used in the manufacturing of semiconductors.

Process of Semiconductor Manufacturing

Wafer manufacturing – The wafer slicing machines are used to cut the silicon ingots into silicon wafers. These wafers are then used to conduct semiconductor processing and the wafer edge grinding machines are used to trim the edges of the wafers.

Front-end – The front -end process involves wafer processing which is an important step in semiconductor manufacturing. Most of the costs involved in semiconductor manufacturing involve this stage. The front-end machines are the costliest as they have to support high-end testing and planarize the wafer surface.

Wafer testing – Wafer testing involves inspection of the various complex devices embedded in the wafer or the chip. The electrical characteristics of all these tiny components are inspected at the testing stage as it influences the quality and efficiency of the chip.

Back-end – Back-end operations include final assembly and inspection. The process involves back grinding process to polish the backside of the chip. The wafers are then cut into individual chips with small microscopic circuit patterns. The final product is again tested for efficiency and quality control.

All these processes involve complex machines to carry out the functions effectively. The machines used in the above process are

  • Dicing machines to cut the wafers into individual chips with microscopic patterns.
  • Probing machines to perform electrical testing of all the tiny components on a chip to ensure its optimum functioning.
  • High rigid grinders to cut the hard materials like sapphire and silicon substrate to be used in the process of semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Polish grinders are used to polish the backside of the chips and make them smooth and sleek. The machines even out the rough edges caused by the grinding process.

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