Xarelto is also called as the Rivaroxaban. People with the artificial fibrillation (is an irregular heartbeat) will increase the forming a blood clot in the heart. Which can be travelled to the brain, and it will cause the stroke. By using the Xarelto it prevents the forming of the blood clots in the body.Does not take the Xarelto without talking to the doctor. Suppose if the people Drinking alcohol while on Xarelto have the abnormal bleeding and any allergy problems it is not suitable for that person. Because this product contains the inactive ingredients which can cause the allergic reaction and other problems. Ingredient’s in Xarelto: In this product having the Inactive and active ingredients like Rivaroxaban sodium, Hypromellose, lactose monohydrate etc. If you are taking the Xarolto during pregnancy tell your doctor right away suppose if you have any bleeding symptoms or blood loss.Prescriptions methods: Take Xarelto exactly as prescribed by your doctor. If you are taking Xarelto for Artificial fibrillation take the Riaroxaban1 time a day with your evening meal. Take the Xarelto 2 times a day for preventing the blood clots in the veins of your legs or lungs. Do not stop taking Xarelto without consulting your doctor. Your doctor may stop Xarelto for a short time before any surgery, medical or dental procedure. Then he/she will tell you when to start taking Rivaroxaban again after your surgery or procedure. Store the Xarelto at room temperature between 68F to 77F (20 to 25 degrees).Do not give Xarelto to other people, even if they are having the same condition. It may harm them.



Is it safe to drink while taking Xarelto?

Drinking alcohol while on Xarelto is not safe. Because this medication can cause bleeding. Taking the alcohol while using this medicine, it will increase your risk of stomach bleeding. So avoid the drinking of alcoholic while you are taking this Rivaroxaban. And heavier drinking is also causing the heavy bleeding or may have the opposite effect. Suppose you want to drink it is best to drink only in moderation or at least 2 alcohols three day week. Before taking the alcohol consulting with your doctor whether it is safe or not.

The Australian NPS Medicine wise explaining by consuming a large amount of alcohol will cause the serious side effects and nerve depression while you are taking any anticoagulant therapy. And it can increase the blood clot condition.The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism are finding that by consuming the alcohol it leads to increase the internal bleeding.Alcohol consumption can seriously harm a patient’s health or even it causes his death.Regular use of alcohol also can lead to liver dysfunction.Side effects of using Xarelto:The most common and serious side effect is bleeding ,it can sometimes lead to death. For women,longer or heavier menstrual bleeding. See your doctor when you are having this symptom is Red or dark brown urine, vomiting or coughing up blood, and it causes a severe headache or stomach pain. Suppose if you suffered from frequent nosebleeds, bleeding gums, or unusual call the doctor right away.