When you are facing any smokers, you may feel irritated. This article is going to explain about a product which is having greater impact on both health wise and also environment wise. The main reason behind people’s fear on smoke is its bad impact on health and environment, since tobacco is such a bad thing for both health and also for various things. When smoking does not produce any bad impacts, then you can leave smoking habit. There is a product which can compromise smokers. It is known as pancake man e liquid. This product is made up of all good things which never affect both health and environment.

Now, we should think about two things named VG and PG. You may ask what is the difference between VG and PG?. Yes this is the right time to know about it. These both are having much role in making e juice. These should be used in combined form, that too in proper level. PG and VG are important. When you compare PG and VG, VG is better than PG. PG is a petroleum related chemical.  VG is a vegetable glycerin. It is obtained from vegetable oil. It is very safe to inhale. The major reason behind it’s application in e liquid is to give the thick form to the vapour. VG will give sweet taste. VG will give more hit feel in comparison with PG. PG is being used to provide throat hit. You may want to know about its areas of application.

pancake man e liquid5Set Contains:

The usual bottle size will be 60 ml. The nicotine’s level will be 3 mg. The cost of single bottle will be $39.99. It is known as pancake man e liquid. It involves application of two liquids named PG and VG. These both will never show any odor. It involves in binding with flavor and nicotine. As a result, e juice will be obtained. They produce vapor as it gets heated. The two fluids have various consistencies. They may show slightly various tastes.  Some vaping set ups will only workout with proper level of application of PG and VG.  When these two fluids are being used at improper level, then users may not like that.

It is very important to focus on level of application of these two fluids. You may ask what is the difference between PG and VG?. VG differs from PG by its birth and contents. VG is actually made from Vegetable Glycerin. PG is a propylene glycol. It is mainly used in petroleum. These two substances are having greater impact on smoking. If you ask the ratio between PG and VG, then you are on the way to give the smoke feel to this liquid. As vaping follows relatively new technique, you can have the reasonable responsibility. Higher VG will form the big cloud. Therefore, this technique will help you to smoke without causing any dangers to health and also to environment.