The cbd available in the market is mostly in the form of oil. The cbd oil is available in the form of sprays, tinctures, capsules and creams. A recent invention in cbd scene is water soluble cbd. Users must not confuse water cbd with mixing cbd oil in water.  Water soluble cbd is available in the form of cbd granules which easily dissolve in water to create water cbd. There are some brands in the market that directly sell the water infused with cbd  nano particles, while others sell cbd granules which can be mixed in water by the users. The main feature of this type of cbd is that it easily gets absorbed in to the blood stream and gives faster results. This water can also be added to beverages such as tea and coffee or any food preparation.


The additional ingredients like curcumin, Echinacea, and terpenes add value through improving the bio availability of the formula. Along with this, they also aid in lot of unique medical benefits to the formula.

When CBD, carophyllene and Echinacea are combined, they will result in powerful synergy. This is because they all have the ability to interact with CB2 receptors.

Benefits of cbd water:

  • It is very useful for athletes, who suffer from inflammation and stress due to their rigorous training schedules and competitions. By consuming water infused with cbd the athletes can get relief from constant pain and also fasten the recovery period from injuries.
  • It can be used as an anti tumour medication. Since cbd is known to have anti tumour properties, patients can consume water cbd regularly and stay safe from cancer.
  • Cbd is proved to be of great benefit for patients suffering from epilepsy and seizures. Cbd infused water can help these patients to reduce the seizures as they can consume the water regularly irrespective of whether they are in a meeting or a class.
  • This water can help patients suffering with different types of anxieties such as social anxiety. Obsessive compulsive disorder and others to overcome their problem. These water bottles infused with CBD are found online with many sites now selling them. They can be found in pharmacies where cannabis is legalised.
  • The cbd infused water can be consumed in many ways like drinking the water directly, adding it to your beverages for a morning fix of cbd or using the water to prepare food.
  • The last but very important advantage of this water is since the dosage of cbd in water is pre determined, the users need not worry about the dose of cbd and happily consume the water to get their regular fix of cbd and enjoy its benefits.

Owing to so many benefits and the ease in using, water infused with cbd is gaining popularity in recent times around the world. Users of this water also claim of faster results because cbd dissolved in water is easily absorbed by the body. There are different brands available in the market providing different concentrations of cbd in water.