Salads are becoming more popular as people adopt a healthier way of eating. Nowadays, people look for new and different ideas to maintain good variety and to keep this chosen dish interesting. Ideally, a well-made salad should include multiple ingredients which work well together so that every last bite has uniqueness to it. Eating salad has become a convenient way to include fruit and vegetables, and they can be customised to appeal to anyone.


Pulses can be added as a protein-rich ingredient to a salad and work particularly well with onions and peppers.


Adding fruit to a salad adds a sweet kick and is usually available on the Saladette Counter. Particular favourites are strawberries, which work well with balsamic vinegar. Grapes and apples give a tasty change to the usual salad, and when mixed with leafy greens they taste exquisite.


Dressings are regularly used to finish off a salad, but instead of the usual ones, a little vinaigrette with olive oil helps further bring out flavours. Garlic and mustard with finely chopped onions add additional flavours. The world is your oyster when it comes to dressings – they can change the entire salad.


Why not take inspiration from the Middle East and use falafel? Whether used hot or cold, it can make a salad more of a filling meal. Using additional humus instead of a traditional dressing can add further flavour to salads kept in appliances from


Rich in iron, kale can be added to salads to give a satisfying crunch. To add further flavour, it can be marinated in lemon juice.


When requiring extra filling, quinoa can be added from the Saladette Counter for extra energy and as a healthy carbohydrate. It can be added to any salad as a main meal.


Grilled halloumi can be a perfect meat-alternative to any salad on a bed of leafy greens.

Pomegranate Seeds

As salads are usually savoury, pomegranate seeds add a sweet taste and can be mixed directly into any salad.

Toasted Nuts

Additional nuts add a delightful crunch to any salad. These can be almonds, cashews, walnuts or pine nuts and can even be toasted for added flavour.

Leftover Meat

Why waste leftovers? Sunday roast meat can make a wonderful salad addition and provides added protein.