Halwa is a traditional and prominent sweet dish that is heavily prepared in India along with various other countries. Semolina, Flour, Nuts or Grains are used to prepare the Halwa base. Usually, Nuts are used for its garnishing. Halwa is very easy-to-cook recipe even for a large number of guests.

If you are a newcomer in cooking, then you can make Halwa in your home in an easy process by going through easy recipes. Busy people and bachelors can easily make this preparation to satisfy their sweet tooth. India is a land of colourful festivals and festival means a heavy get together. Halwa is a common sweet dish in almost every festival. Some most common Halwa variations are SoojiKa Halwa, GajarKa Halwa, Beetroot Halwa, dates halwa,Pumpkin Halwa, Dudhi Halwa, Moong Dal Halwa etc. In various regions of India, Halwa is cooked in differently customized touch-ups by including ghee, colours, milk, khoya or milk solids, etc. Halwa is known as Kesari or Sheera as well. Some common Kesari variations are RawaKesari, Pineapple Kesari, and Fruit Kesari to name a few. Some Halwa recipes are described below:

  • Carrot Halwa: It is one of the popular classic Halwa preparations around the whole world, commonly known as GajarKa Halwa. It is perfect for guest serving at the ending of the meal. It is especially irresistible during the winter season. You can make this Halwa in different processes. The traditional method is associated with Whole Milk, the rich version is with Khoya, and the quick method is with Condensed Milk. You can use any variety of carrot for this recipe; however, young tender Carrots are the best choice, as it has one kind of sweet aroma and provides a mouth melting and soft Halwa.
  • SoojiKa Halwa: It is another popular variation of Halwa. Regionwise, the same preparation is known as RavaSheera or RavaKesari. However, the preparation method is almost similar. In some process, milk is used other than water. In Saffron Suji Halwa, Kesar or Saffron threads are used. Cardamom Powder has a special appearance in this delicacy. In the preparation,RavaKesari, orange colour (synthetic) is usually added. However, if you do not prefer any synthetic color, then Saffron powder of threads can be preferred.Sooji Halwa is specially prepared in some holy occasion or pooja. It is a very quick and easy Halwa recipe.
  • KhajurKaHalwa: It is a popular Arabian dessert. This amazing dateshalwa is perfect for festive occasions and parties. The dessert lovers should definitely try this recipe. It has a delicious and rich flavour.
  • Moong Dal Halwa: It is a mind satisfying and mouth melting Halwa, usually served on various occasions. If you want a smooth Halwa, then the lumps should be mashed as much you can. Sugar can be substituted with Jaggery and Saffron is optional.
  • Badam Halwa: This Halwa is perfect for various celebrations. You can replace Ghee with Almond Oil or Coconut Oil.

You can learn various recipes of Halwa through the Internet.