You have been planning for this day ever since you got to know you were pregnant and don’t forget it’s a big day for your little one. The day when you christen your newborn, you promise to guide him/her on the footsteps of Jesus and teach them to be holy and faithful to their religion. So, when they keep their first step closer to God, it’s totally a spiritual uplift and it’s a big milestone. You want to celebrate each of these special days in a special way. Here are some tips that will help you to make this day a much more special one.

Book the service at church

Whatever the church you belong to, make sure you have your date booked. Check in the church calendar to see whether there is any special events n the date you are looking for. Some churches christen children as a part of a mass so; don’t wait until the days are too close. Talk with the Priest and look for a day that is all good for you and everyone.


Choose godparents

Don’t choose godparents out from your friends and family members just because they are very close to you and are related. You need to take a little time and look into their lives. Is there anything they could give your child to grow spiritually and stick to their faith? Their personalities should be a good influence to your kid because it’s evident that children pick up a lot of things from adults around them. So, choose a good godmother and godfather that will help your child grow in the catholic faith and serve to God.

Check for selling christening items

Boys and girls have separate christening gowns which are normally white or even in cream colors. It’s simply great if you have a traditional christening dress hand down from generations to generations. It’s once good heirloom your family have been preserving for ages. Even the feeling that you wore it once and to see your little one wearing the same is so heartwarming. But not to worry, even if you don’t have a family christening gown, you can always buy one. Check for girls christening dress or even boys rompers from stores that sell christening items. You can also check online.

Get to know what happens

If you really can’t remember the order of the service and things you need to do, why not participate for one? You can check the church events in the same week to see whether there are any other christening services. It’s good to be a bit more familiar with the order of the service. The Priest will also ask you a few questions about your faith and belief. You can also check for sheets of the service to get to know the order. Little things like this will help you a lot.