Many of us simply like the bathrooms in a luxury hotel and resort. Why? Because they are constructed in a way that makes us feel relaxing and the design it is simply perfect and matching with the interior. It’s not impossible to make your own bathroom look like a spa or a miniature of luxury. All you need is to be a bit creative in selecting the designs and other objects for the bathroom. This is why we came up with some tips that will help you to make the most out of your bathroom and make it aplace, you would love to come and have a bath.

Consider the correct flooring option

Out of all the floor types you can use for your bathroom, you need to make sure that it’s comfortable and doesn’t cause any accidents. Some of the recommended type of flooring is double thick, linoleum, ceramic tile, limestone, marble and granite are amazing. After you choose the correct type of flooring, make sure that you mesh it with the other accents, bathtubs and bathroom items to give that eclectic look.

The correct lighting

You need to create the mood setting in your bathroom if you want it to look more relaxing. Always go for dimmer lights that will help you to adjust light the way you want. Plus, don’t forget to make the most out of your windows. Open your windows and let in some natural light but make sure your privacy is secluded. There are also different decorative accents you want to choose in lighting options. From lampshades to wall mounts, you have a wide variety.


Aromatic and beautiful

Flowers! The best way to give some grandeur feeling to any room. Have a small flower vase or even a decorative pot in your garden. Don’t feel bad to pick some fresh flowers from your garden to keep in your bathroom vase. It will make the place so cute looking. Also, you want your bathroom to smell good. Apart from flower, you can use other aromatic oils, fresheners and sprays. You can even use scented candles and place them along the sink, counter or even close to your bathtub.

Add some luxury

While you do all these things, it’s not so bad to pamper yourself with some luxury. Even for a person who is on a low budget can find these little things for cost effective prices.
Get rid of all the old towels and replace them with white plus towels that are comfortable. Also, you might want to buy a towel warmer. Nothing is so good than the feeling of a hot bath. It’s so relaxing and you can’t go to a spa everyday to get it. Also, have a soft welcome rug to your bathroom.